The basis of our website design services is trust


High quality HTML5 + CSS3 web page customized by us. Depending on your needs, we offer storage space for every website! We guarantee the compatibility of your website with today's modern browsers.

Website for Tablets and Mobiles

We design websites for mobile devices with any resolution, so that their appearance is guaranteed no matter whether the device is an iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android or Windows Phone.

JavaScript und Jquery

JavaScript solutions are no problem for us. We build javascript based installation of picture galleries, calendars, fancy boxes, picture frames and all other animated elements and much more.


If you need an online and easy-to-manage web shop, we can make it with any technology you prefer. We could build the webshop even with individual developments and an online payment system. We can also create Shopify or Magento Webshops.


Larger websites all require a database. We can build websites with data banks of any size and provide them with the necessary services. We can redesign the database structure and speed up data collection.

Content management (CMS)

We offer manageable websites and easily updated content through our admin panel. With the individually developed editor, you can easily update any content. If you prefer other content-managing technologies like Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal, means no problem for us.

Social media content

We connect the websites with different social media sites. Post on your website and it will automatically appear on Facebook / Twitter.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We are in the business of SEO (search engine optimization) since 2005. We help you to optimize the content for certain search terms. Also we could help you build adwords campaings, as well as clean your site of unnecessary content, that could harm you search engine presence.


We answer your questions via Skype, e-mail or meet you personally. If you have problems with an existing website, we will help you at any time.

Websites starting from as low as 490 Fr. with satisfaction guarantee!

We work with quality and performance!

„My goal is to create unique, sophisticated designs.“

Marton - Founder and Designer

About us

The company of WebsiteDesign was founded in 2016. We have been in internet business since 2005, including search optimization and developing huge 100.000-1million visitor websites. We mostly worked for private projects but in recent years we realized that we should start to share our knowledge and help others to reach their goals by designing up-to-date websites. Our other main goal is to provide a service for a very reasonable price, while providing quality and most advanced techniques.

There is no such thing as impossible.

„I try to bring the best possible solution in all of my work. Perfection is a must.“

Geri - Lead Programmer

Some References

Turnverein Pfäffikon-Freienbach sports team Website


Ecommerce Website selling Share Original plums.


The best gift for your friends. Wine as a birthday present.


Beautiful and tidy website for the wellknown youtube channel "Magical Music".


Easy, fast, mobile friendly, reliable youtube to mp3 converter website.

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